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Moving forward to managed computing services for businesses
Professionally accompanied by our experts

computing services

Managed computing services for businesses. 24/7 support and maintenance

Information Systems

Management, establishment and characterization of information systems

Cloud Computing

Move to the cloud in a safe, seamless and personalized way

Cyber Security

Protect your organization with advanced and proactive security solutions

computing services

Provide ongoing computing services to businesses

Information Systems

Management, establishment and characterization of information systems

Cloud Computing

A more advanced cloud computing architecture

Cyber Security

We provide all the solutions in the cyber world

genie The possibilities are endless

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Cloud workstations
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why choose genie as a service provider for your business?

Because at genie computing services for businesses you will find professional, dedicated and service minded computing experts unmatched in the computing market in Israel. Systems are often a delicate business and malfunctions, as you know, are caused by a variety of contributing factors such as human error, hardware fatigue and even malicious external factors. These hostile factors may damage the most complex and delicate systems in the business, until it is shut down. We will provide you with a basket of professional computing solutions together as well as a service suit tailored to the dimensions of your business. We will be your IT company 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

The servers are in the cloud

The service on the ground

We at genie know exactly which suite of computing services is right for your business. With service, personal attention, support and uncompromising professionalism, genie offers the highest professional standards to small and large companies. If genie is behind you, you can sleep peacefully.

Implementation and support of Office 365

Implementation of Office 365 in organizations, without any downtime or interruption to your work environment, in one central infrastructure. With the help of the high-quality cloud platform for the Office 365 office.

Anti-spam system for businesses

Everyday silence begins and ends with the best spam filtering system in Israel, while at the same time activating filtering engines such as quick detection for any spam and virus that decided to visit your mail servers.

Cloud file sharing

Come and enjoy the benefits of a system for sharing, storing and saving files in the cloud. You benefit from automatic file synchronization and available access to information from anywhere and at any time, without the need for knowledge or maintenance.

Cloud backup system for businesses

We save you the headaches in advance, with the help of our IT team that will take care of performing a remote backup or restoration, sending to a remote site as well as complete encryption of your business information.

Filtering sites in the cloud

A website filtering system with hermetic protection of three security levels, which guarantees you quality filtering services, for example of threatening and offensive content on your computer.

Server monitoring system

They do not wait for malfunctions and anticipate a remedy for a blow. With the help of an information monitoring system which is a perfect shell, which guarantees available, continuous information and is protected against any malfunction.

Exchange service in the cloud

Instead of expensive and cumbersome maintenance of mail servers, choose an organizational and accessible server, with perfect synchronization of business email accounts, without additional costs and without a host mail server.

MSSQL database management

The safe choice for automatic and high-quality SQL management, with automatic maintenance and monitoring that guarantee the business perfect databases, peace of mind and continued routine activity with the help of EzmanageSQL

The suit is on us

The pajamas are on you

If until a decade ago, we had to convince a CEO why he even needed an IT company, today he already knows: computing in an organization is a significant and irreplaceable engine of growth. At genie computing services, everything starts with people.

genie has a team of over 275 IT experts, computer technicians, network managers, information security and business computing consultants. All employees undergo ongoing training and certification, our customers know that they are receiving professional computing services for businesses, from support personnel who will always be by their side at every moment.

We won't recommend the type of mattress that fits your back, but we do know that for a good, safe and worry-free sleep, you need peace. At genie, there are those who take care of computing and operational peace in your business, even when the working day is over, at the weekend and throughout the year. You are welcome to contact us and see for yourself.

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